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Vision Peoples in Mission (VPM)
Our final semi-annual donation to the VPM in Nairobi Kenya will be sent in mid-December. This Mission provides education with a daily feeding program, medical services, their Lucky Summer Orphanage and Christian spiritual support in the slums of Korogocho. The VPM African gold envelopes are available at the back of the church or in the library. Cheques can be made out to St. Anne's Church with the VPM in the memo line. Thank you for giving hope and encouragement to God's forgotten children.
Asante sana.

Advent Expectations
As in many ways we use the season of Advent to prepare for the coming of the Christ Child, it is also a time of year we consider how we can share from our abundance with those around us in need. This year, continuing in our support of the children of Byron, we will be collecting:
• Hats/Toques
• Mitts
• Scarves
• Warm Socks
• $10 grocery gift cards
We will be gathering these items during the weeks of December 2, 9,and 16 under our tree. At any point during these weeks, please drop off a contribution under the tree in the front of the church and we will be sure it gets put to good use. Items of clothing can be placed in a simple gift bag without other wrapping and gift cards should be placed in an envelope and placed directly on the tree. Thanks all!


How wonderful that St Anne’s was able to send five children to Huron Church Camp this past summer, yes that’s right five children! The children ranged in ages from 7 to 13. They came from a variety of situations around Byron and all appreciated an opportunity to have a camp experience that they would not have had otherwise. Thank you for your generosity! At a time when there are fewer numbers of children in the church building on Sunday, what a wonderful way to support children and youth in their faith journey! Well done!

Toonies for the Troops a Success
The Friends Of Nairobi (FON) extend our sincere gratitude to everyone at St. Anne’s who supported our recent 10th annual “Toonies for the Troops”. There are now 157 encouragement/morale cards on their way to the women and men serving in the Canadian Armed Forces. Our soldiers are serving in various Operations including:
• OP Calumet in the Sinai Peninsula – El Gorah Middle East
• OP Soprano in the Republic of South Sudan Africa
• OP Unifier in the Ukraine Eastern Europe
• OP Caribbe HMCS Whitehorse (Victoria BC) in the eastern Pacific Ocean
Detailed information about these deployments can be found at www.forces.gc.ca

Asante sana sana on behalf of the young hungry students who will be fed two small meals on school days and who will receive malaria medication at the VPM on-site clinic. Your support also includes the Lucky Summer Orphanage and the Women’s Vocational Training Program.

The VPM also has a medical clinic, an orphanage and encourages Christian spiritual support in the slums of Korogocho. The VPM African gold envelopes are available at the back of the church. Cheques can be made out to St. Anne's Church with VPM in the memo line.
Asante sana sana

St. Anne’s ACW sponsors a child, Darwin Leyton, in Nicaragua, Central America through Christian Children’s Fund of Canada. There are 13 member of the Parish who contribute to the outreach project. Twelve equally shared sponsors and one primary sponsor. One of the 12 individuals has retired and an opportunity for one person is now available to participate in this ministry. Your contribution of $39.00 once per year is income tax receipted by St. Anne’s. If you are interested to help keep Darwin in school for 2017 and 2018, please speak with Joy P., Treasurer for St. Anne’s ACW. A group of ACW women have sponsored a child thru the above organization since 1996.

Heroes Abide
They often greet us with a smile, a handshake or a distant look. These are the soldiers of the past. A hospital is now their home, where they abide with comrades and wartime memories.

I often listen to stories of young, heroic men; of cold and hunger; of dangerous missions; of friends made and friends lost; of lonely nights. Locked in each veteran’s past are memories of brave young men going to fight, of battles lost and battles won.

In the Netherlands, allies were met. They took our loved ones in, fed and drank with them. These kind and gentle people became good friends and pleasant memories. Girls became friends, lovers, wives and mothers. To Canada, the wives and babes were sent to join families and  welcome home their husbands on their triumphant return.

Each soldier returned a hero at the end of the war for risking their lives to make this world a safer place for us to live.
We thank them with a smile, a touch, to let them know how much they mean to us.

A Dutch Tulip Garden placed at Parkwood Hospital, London, Ontario, would remind us all of the true value of peace and friendship, and the close ties of the Dutch and Canadian people.
Linda R

A poem written by Linda R for a contest to win a tulip garden. Linda won the contest and a tulip garden was planted at Parkwood Hospital below her father’s window.

Many of you will remember that in 1999, St. Anne’s sponsored a Kosovo family who were forced to leave their country. The Salihu family consisted of a mother and father and four children. When it was safe, the oldest daughter returned to Kosovo to marry. The other three children continued their education here and two are married now and have 2 children each (The eldest excited to be starting JK in September). All three are working here in London.

They have purchased three lovely homes and although they miss relatives left behind, they love Canada and are so happy and grateful to be here. Recently, I had the pleasure of having lunch
with them and they overwhelmed me by giving me a very sizeable cheque to give to a charity I chose because they wanted to “Give Back” to Canada. When I suggested giving it to St. Annes for the Syrian refugees, they were very pleased. They are lovely, loving people who are very respectful of and interested in our culture and yet maintain their own…..a perfect example of how two cultures can live happily together in peace and brotherhood.
I think you at St. Annes can say to yourselves, “Well Done”.
Marie H.


Outreach Update

Operation Walk Guatemala

The Outreach Committee helps the parish either get involved or understand many issues happening around us whether local, national or international. Below is a list of organizations who received donations from St. Anne's in the past:

Donations made to:

Vision Peoples in Mission (VPM) - By the numbers
14 years - St. Anne's parish and their Friends Of Nairobi have supported this Christian mission in Nairobi's Korogocho slum
5 programs in VPM - Haven School with feeding program, Lucky Summer Orphanage, Medical Centre, Vision Missionary Church (VMC), Women's
Vocational Training
11 classes, 10 teachers, 245 pupils, 1 children's meal a day of maize and beans or ugali with vegetables or rice and beans at Haven School
$620 CAN or KSHs 47,120 will feed 321 hungry school children 1 month
$560 CAN or KSHs 43,680 will feed all 28 children in the Orphanage for 6 weeks

"Thank you St. Anne's Church for standing with us in prayer, support and partnership for many years. May all of you and your families be blessed in Jesus' name."
The Rev. Franklyn Otwoma and VPM staff    email: July 13 2016

PWRDF is an important outreach arm of the Diocese of Huron  www.pwrdf.org

St. Paul's Daily Bread Program, a registered charity, is an ecumenical social service provider supported by over 50 London and area churches of various denominations, a number of service and fraternal organizations and hundreds of caring individuals on a regular ongoing basis. The Daily Bread Program is available to anyone need in the community who is in need and is one of the few agencies in London that offers emergency financial assistance in crisis situations pertaining to shelter and/or utilities cut off as funds permit.

Anglican Church Women (ACW) - The Bale

St. Anne's gathers donations of suitable, gently used washable clothing, sheets and towels and toiletries and sends them to the northern Diocese of Keewatin for the many individuals, families, communities and programs (safe shelters, rehab, and hospital) who rely on several agencies for support. The Diocese of Keewatin includes 45 parishes in the central region of Canada straddling the border of the provinces of Manitoba and Ontario and comprising over 900,000 sq kilometres.

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Whether selling pies at the Plunkett Country Cruise-In or offering a full menu at the Western Fair, St. Anne's combines faith, food and fun!