Archibald and Mary Kains

The window "Christ Ascending To Heaven" is situated above the altar. It is in memory of Archibald M. Kains and his wife, Mary Hicks. It was installed in 1937 after the Chancel area was enlarged. The manufacturer was Robert McCausland of Toronto.

Archie was born in Glengarry County on the Ottawa River. His wife was born in Huron County. As a young man Archie headed for south western Ontario and became a distiller and a merchant at Union near St. Thomas. In 1862 he with his wife and young children, settled on a 200 acre farm two miles west of Byron on what is now known as Kains Road. This farm, called Riverbow Farm, was the home of four generations of the family - a centennial farm.

Archie was a pioneer member of St. Anne's Church, and worked hard to accomplish the rebuilding of the neglected little chapel in 1877 and to have it properly consecrated by Bishop Isaac Hellmuth in 1878.

Archibald and Mary Kains - Christ Ascending to Heaven window