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From Canon Val

“Everything we do, our entire internal dialogue is prayer.”
Madeleine L’Engle

This past Saturday, I was reminded again of the gift and the importance that prayer is to each one of us when attending the Anglican Fellowship of Prayer’s online Bishop of Huron’s Prayer Conference with Archdeacon Megan Collings Moore. Our focus was on prayer particularly during times of transition and how it is prayer that sustains us as we stand at the centre of any shaking that is going on both within and around us. Now, to be honest, I knew all of this, as I’m guessing you do too, but our time together on Saturday was so helpful in repositioning our understanding of prayer not so much as a mental assent to something, but rather as an experience of the heart. It is in the heart that the inevitable grief and anxiety that accompanies change of all kind hits hardest, and it is our hearts that need the regular reminders and comfort that can only come as we give ourselves the space to be reminded of our ongoing connection to God. So, take the moments, find the space, reexperience the connection, in whatever way you can in your day. It is both the thing that sustains and directs us, an open invitation into an abiding and unparalleled connection to the very Source of our being, a connection like none other.


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