Deacon's Bench

From the Deacon’s Bench - An Easter Reflection

By Canon Ken

Easter is that time of joy after experiencing the suffering of the cross on Good Friday. I think Good Friday really reflects the state of our world where the innocent suffer alongside others. Judgment is given on those who should not be judged. The needs of the vulnerable are ignored for the benefit of those in positions of privilege.

It is easy to dwell upon Good Friday and the state of our world. At least I find it can be. But there needs to be a conscious effort to live in Easter. Easter is the time of optimism, but not an unrealistic optimism. On the road to Emmaus, Jesus and the disciples talked about the things he had done. They would have talked about the people who were suffering, and the unfairness of the cross, but also how Jesus spoke on our relationship with God. It is about how we live day to day. It is about how we endure the day to day. It is about how we live with others. It is about our approach to life.

At our new year’s celebrations, some people try to determine resolutions to improve themselves or their lives over the upcoming year. Maybe Easter would be a better time to do that. Maybe at Easter we should look at how we can better live in relation to God and our neighbour. With the memory of Good Friday fresh, what can we do to live better than that? It reflects our fresh start, knowing that with God’s grace, we can live in the present and not in the past. As was said by St. Augustine, we are an Easter people and Alleluia is our song. Alleluia!


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