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Our library is a resource that is beyond books. In addition to fiction and non-fiction books that are suitable for all ages there are DVDs, royalty magazines, diocesan newspapers from across Canada (donated by Bishop Nigel) and a few CDs. New Christian fiction include Amish romance and Canadian historical events. The non-fiction authors such as our Indigenous writers often highlight race, education and social class. Another recent addition is I Shall Not Hate A Gaza Doctor's Journey. We welcome visitors from the Byron community to share our resources.

The library is also a collection hub for donations to the ACW Bales, Monica Place and the Huron Church Camp. The 11th annual Christmas cards for the Parkwood veterans sales will begin in late October.

There will be approximately 130 original cards taken to the Parkwood Institute residents in time for Christmas. There is also a wide selection of original recycled greeting cards (eg. birthday, sympathy) for sale at only $2.00 each. The original cards are also donated to to the ACW card ministry that Laurie Hawkins takes to the residents of Country Terrace. Come and see the creativity of the two library ladies CJ and Joy P. When our materials are no longer needed they are donated to various outreach programs including the CPRI book sale, Mission Thrift Store, London Library Store, area retirement and care homes.

Come and visit your library on Sunday and Monday mornings. Home deliveries can also be happily arranged. Contact Louise K.

Bishop Nigel’s Book Reviews: Heroes and Heretics
The book Heroes and Heretics is just one of the books from a series called “The Hinges of History” by Thomas Cahill. The other title that is best known is How the Irish Saved Civilization which focuses on the critical role of the Irish monastic communities in safeguarding classical knowledge. Put simply their location was remote enough that they were not destroyed be the Barbarian waves of the early Dark Ages.

As the series title implies the author’s focus is on pivotal moments in European history. Sometimes the emphasis is on institutions, or broad movements, but in the book “Heroes and Heretics”, which is his latest book and historically the closest to the present, the focus is on key individuals. The period of time is the renaissance and the reformation, i.e. primarily the 1500s and moving into the 1600s. If you have an interest in the broad outlines of history, with a strong emphasis on religious history, this volume, as well as his previous works will probably suit you. He writes in a clear fashion, is very informative, and proposes some interesting theories about European development without getting bogged down in an overly academic style. He makes frequent use of side panels to include further information without restricting the flow of the narrative. He also includes a number of colour and black and white plates to illustrate the points he is making. This is especially valuable when he discusses the changes happening in the world of Art and the significance of those changes.

If you are looking for the best place to start, I would recommend How the Irish Saved Civilization which is the most standalone of the volumes. There are three in the series that are grouped together as “The making of the Ancient World”; The Gifts of the Jews, Desire of the Everlasting Hills and Sailing the Wine Dark Sea. There are two volumes in the grouping “The Making of the Modern World”; Mysteries of the Middle Ages and Heretics and Heroes with an additional volume planned to complete the grouping.

The author describes his intent as telling the story of the Western world as the story of the great gift-givers and a recounting of those essential moments when everything was at stake. It was at these times of crisis that the great gift-givers provided for transition, for transformation and even for transfiguration.

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