Connect With Ministries

Come and join us in celebrating and living out our life of faith and help spread the word of God!
St. Anne's actively reaches out to the community around us and beyond our borders. Keep up to date on our activities and missions by checking out our event calendar and newsletter for updates.

Anglican Church Women (ACW)
Work and fun are not opposites! Join one or more of our very diverse activities under the banner of the Anglican Church Women (A.C.W.)

Founded circa 1832 and incorporated as an Anglican Cemetery in 1853, St. Anne’s Cemetery has a long history of serving the Byron community.

Children and Youth Ministry
It is never too early to start building a foundation of faith. Come join us.  Volunteers are most welcome as the Sunday School needs your help to share this ministry to our children. It is easier than you think!

St. Anne’s Library/Resource Centre is open a few hours on both Sundays and Mondays. Deepen your faith, educate yourself on various topics of interest or simply be entertained with our selection of books, DVDs and magazines.

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