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St. Anne’s Vision and Mission Statements
You will recall that earlier this year we had several special meetings after services on Sunday to revisit our Vision and our Mission Statement here at St Anne’s. As you know a Vision statement is a brief, succinct statement of who we are, with a mission statement being how we express who we are. After the June Parish Council Meeting, two versions of the mission statement developed. What do you think? Please share with Rev’d Val, a warden or any of the Parish Council members.
Vision Statement:
A Welcoming Place to Nurture Faith and to Engage Community
Mission Statement:
Version One:
A loving Christ-centered community that serves God and neighbours through worship and exploration of faith that values inclusivity, the dignity of all persons and the sacredness of God’s creations
Version Two:
Our loving community strives to follow Christ (or Jesus) and serve God and neighbours through worship and exploration of faith that values inclusivity, the dignity of all persons and the sacredness of God’s creations.

Wardens' wanderings - September 2018
"For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven" Ecclesiastes 3:1
Over the summer months, Parish Council took a break and resumes meeting in September. While a few things may not have been attended to, that is not to say we have taken a vacation from looking after St. Anne's or that all has been quiet.

Our parish hall certainly saw a great deal of activity in July and August as young people discovered what STEM Camp (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) could teach them. We have continued with other activities as well such as the VON SMART program and Tai Chi. Please keep an eye out for these programs that may be of interest to you and consider joining for your health and well being. Our pollination garden went from concept to reality over the spring and summer and it is thanks to our volunteers and the funding provided by the Dorothy Bowcott Estate and Julia Hunter Fund that we have this marvelous addition to our church grounds. The garden certainly reflects the fifth Mark of Mission to safeguard and renew creation, something we were able to celebrate as we hosted a fund-raising event for the Julia Hunter Fund. Another event that will reflect the Marks of Mission will be the October 26th evening of music and readings to benefit the Huron Hunger Fund. Rev'd Val, Rev'd Matt Martin and the St. Anne's choir will perform songs of faith, hope and love. Support the Huron Hunger Fund and come out for a great evening of song.

From a property point of view, we had to cut down a large maple at the south end of our parking lot as it had extensive rot. A window sill in the Heritage Room also suffered from rot and was repaired. A new paint job and all the windows will be protected for some time to come. Commercial freezers have come to St. Anne's Heavenly Pies operation thanks to two very generous donors. These will save a great deal of energy and allow us to retire some older less efficient models.

It seems as though summer just arrived and here we are back to school, considering fall activities and cooler weather to come. With our see-saw weather of late, we experienced hot humid days, heavy rain storms and some cool days and nights. Preparing to meet the day becomes a real guessing game. Which clothes do I choose? Do I bring an umbrella?

With hot weather, we alternate between dressing in light-weight clothes for outdoor activities to putting on sweaters to keep warm inside air conditioned offices, stores and homes. In cold weather we put on layers to keep warm outside and take them off to be comfortable inside where we have set our furnaces to a reasonable temperature. Seems like we always want our environment to allow us the freedom to pursue activities without the discomfort of being too hot or too cold. Interestingly isn't that what we find with our spiritual life as well? We want comfort. And God does give us comfort in times of grief and times of joy. Yet, in our day-to-day lives we don't always have those well-defined moments of anguish or excitement. Yet God is with us in each and every moment, in season and out, day in and day out.

Some might say the only times when we experience personal growth of any sort is when we stretch ourselves and go through a period of 'dis-comfort'. While most of us rarely seek out a place of dis-comfort, Jesus calls us to lean on His strength, go out on a limb and continue His great mission to spread the Word and Love of God. So let us not be afraid to tell others, in our own way, about our friend Jesus. Find a way to demonstrate and teach others that He is the way, the truth and the life. In being an example to each other and those whom we meet, we just may surprise ourselves. In this way we will find ourselves immersed in a personal journey to get closer to God and fulfill the Marks of Mission set out by the church. And in our discomfort, we would find our comfort and consolation - a deeper relationship with God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit - and a peace that passes all understanding, even in the midst of life's uncertainties. It can't get better than that can it?

Wardens serving you in Christ
Keith Brooks, Shelly Lowther, Sophie Skaith, Marg Wolsley