Rector's Message

Christmas 2018

For unto us a child is born … (Isaiah 9:6)

If I am being honest, I have never been very good at sending Christmas cards.  I do however, miraculously, even in this age of electronic communications, continue to receive them from a number of relatives and friends who take the opportunity of this blessed season to share their best thoughts and prayers.  On so many of these cards the sentiment of the season is caught in loving expressions between Mary and Jesus as this new mother embraces her newborn, much as any new mother would. While there are many expressions of this scene, in their essence they all share the wonder of Christmas in Christ’s adopting our form, to bring the messenger of God’s unending love for us and for all of his creation.   

We see this in Christ’s willingness to share in the details of our lives, our joys and our struggles, and to in effect share what it is to be human. The God we see in Christ is not some distant disinterested deity but rather the God who will come close, to be involved in the messiness of the ordinary, and to remind and reassure us with much of the same tenderness as we see portrayed between Mary and Jesus, that we are fully known and profoundly loved. It remains to us to respond to God’s coming near.  In the life and ministry of St Anne’s Byron with the support of so many, we strive to do this in a variety of ways through faithful worship, the building up of faith and community and ongoing acts of service within and beyond our walls.  

Christmas Services:  Below you will see a reminder of our services times over the next several weeks.  Please plan on attending with family and friends as together we share the joyful sights and sounds of this Christmas season.  

You will note that we have also included in this letter a Christmas envelope for your seasonal giving.  Your gift makes possible the ongoing ministry at St Anne’s Byron. Thank you in advance for your generosity.   

Giving thanks for you all in this Christmas season and beyond,

Yours in Christ,
Val Kenyon, Rector

Prayer: There’s an app for that – Anglican Journal

Spirituality on the Go:
Centre for Action and Contemplation
Over the course of the last few newsletters I have offered different suggestions of sites that offer opportunities for reflection when we are pressed for time. Today, I would like to offer this suggestion of the Centre for Action and Contemplation in which Richard Rohr, Catholic priest, Franciscan friar, and prolific writer based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, offers a daily meditation on a variety of themes over the year. While not long in length, they definitely are written to get us thinking and wondering. Why not subscribe to these daily offerings?

Spirituality on the Go: Part Two
As I mentioned in our last newsletter, sometimes we feel that to be truly spiritual we need long spans of time and that simply is not the case. Adding to suggestions from last year, might I suggest:
My Daily Minute
Yes, you read that correctly this is a 60 second daily devotional, well to be totally honest, you may spend more than a minute at this site, but it’s goal is to give you a Scripture, a brief thought and this is my favourite part, a link to a short video related to the theme of the day. This comes to us from the United Church, and is based out of Guelph Ontario. If you choose to subscribe to it, it will be delivered into your Inbox every morning.
World Community for Christian Meditation
Does your taste run to something a bit quieter? Al-ways wanted to meditate but not sure quite how to start. You will want to visit the site of World Communi-ty for Christian Meditation to find endless resources to help you on your faith journey. If you like using apps, they also have one that can be downloaded by visiting your App store and looking for ‘wccm’.


Spirituality on the Go
Sometimes we feel that to be truly spiritual we need long spans of time. I’m here to tell you that that simply is not the case. I hope over the next few newsletters to offer some suggestions about resources that are available to us, and especially when time can be limited. Why not incorporate one or both of these into your daily routine.
To begin let’s start with: a Three Minute Retreat
Yes, you read that correctly a three-minute retreat, whenever you need it. I think most of us can manage that. Why not click on the link and be pleasantly surprised?
For another choice why not visit Pray As You Go, This is a 10minutes daily devotion that give some beautiful music, a reading of Scriptures, and some short pointed questions to support reflection.
For those who prefer, both of these website are also available as Apps. Let me know what you think after using them for a while. Better yet, why not submit a reflection on your reflecting for the next newsletter!