Request Room Booking

Use this form to request a room booking. Room bookings are emailed to the church office, where the room booking calendar is maintained. You will receive a confirmation of your booking request, and will be contacted by the office when your booking is made, or if there are any concerns with the booking. If you are unsure as to whether the room you want is available, please click the icon at the above-right to view the booking calendar.

Please provide your email address if you would like an email confirmation of this order.
We ask that you key your email twice in the hope we may catch any keying mistakes. There is no way to check that an email address is invalid until we find we can't get back in touch with you to confirm your request.
Please specify the rooms or facilities you would like to book, the date or dates, and the starting and ending times. The facilities currently available are: Parish Hall, Heritage Room, Kitchen, Library, Church and Choir Room. Depending on the usage, some facilities cannot be made available when others are in use; the church office will be in contact if there are any concerns. If you have a concern with other groups using a facility adjoining the one being booked, please let us know.