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Servers Workshop
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Youth Server’s Guild at St. Anne’s
We would love to welcome you!
Youth are invited and encouraged to join the Servers' Guild here at St. Anne's.
Our servers are wonderful – they help us worship well assisting the clergy in the leadership of the service at our 8:30 and 10:00 a.m. services every Sunday, and on special occasions during the church year. Servers sit near the altar, presenting the holy bread, water and wine, they prepare and clear altars, carry the cross, light the candles, lead the procession, receive the offertory – we love our servers and thank them for their ministry!

Youth at least 11 years old who have their First Holy Communion and been trained and apprentice for one to two months with the rector and head server,

Server's Training Session
Snacks/Refreshments will be served

Thanking our dedicated servers and recruiting new servers - this gathering is for those who serve and those interested to learn more about it….
Training includes 15 minute video on serving  “Altar Serving 101”