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Your library has an extensive selection of Christian writers, themes and inspirational DVDs. The variety of selections is enhanced by our many generous donors. Thank you.
Borrowed items can be returned to the wooden library drop box outside the library. Your library has an extensive selection of Christian writers, themes and inspirational DVDs. A sincere thank you to our generous donors.
New arrivals include:
Adult Fiction
Mr. Darcy Broke My Heart and Jane Austen Ruined My Life by Beth Pattillo. (Christian author)
These two delightful novels are written by this author who has a passion for the British author Jane Austen. Both Emma and Claire look to the secret writings of Jane Austen to help them navigate their present day survival.
A Day To Pick Your Own Cotton by Michael Phillips (Christian author)
Two very different young girls are orphaned by the American Civil War. They must fight to stay alive and together at Rosewood which is a sanctuary for others.
Three Days: A Mother’s Story by Melody Carlson (Christian author)
How did Mary feel about being the mother of Christ? This fictionalized story of Mary’s life is filled with love, deepening faith and her endurance with hope.
Adult Non-Fiction
21 Things You May Not Know About The Indian Act: Helping Canadians Make Reconciliation With Indigenous People a Reality by Bob Joseph (Canadian)
This book is an essential guide to understanding the Indian Act of 1876 and its repercussion on generations of Indigenous Peoples. This author dissects the complex issues around the Indian Act and why learning about its cruel and irrevocable legacy is vital for Canada to move towards true reconciliation.
Four-Legged Miracles by Brad Steiger and Sherry Hansen Steiger
This is a collection of true heartwarming tales of lost dogs’ journeys home. Reunion stories include Mason the white terrier with two broken legs, Buca who sat on a hill beside the interstate highway for two months and Eddie the beagle who walked over 500 km. to reunite with Jimmy the young disabled boy.

The Real History Behind Foyle’s War by Rod Green
This interesting British television series was based on true events during World War II in the Home Front in southern England.
A Girl’s Best Friend
Thirteen year old Penelope, known as Polka-Dot, needs to find a part-time job as her mother’s medical condition worsens. She meets a strict police officer and his working dog Luey. Luey teaches Polka-Dot to have faith in her abilities and strength. Dove approved for families.
Living the Questions : Home Edition
Janet S. is kindly sharing her collection of this series which include:
• Living The Questions: A program for Christian exploration and spiritual formation
• Saving Jesus Redux
• The Jesus Fatwah: Love Your (Muslim) Neighbor As Yourself
• First Light: Jesus and The Kingdom Of God
• Painting The Stars: Science, Religion And An Evolving Faith
• Living The Questions 2.0: An Introduction To Progressive Christianity
• Violence Divine: Overcoming the Bible’s Betrayal of Its Non-Violent God with scholar John Dominic Crossan
• Countering Pharaoh’s Production-Consumption Society Today

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