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Your library has an extensive selection of Christian writers, themes and inspirational DVDs. The variety of selections is enhanced by our many generous donors. Thank you.
Borrowed items can be returned to the wooden library drop box outside the library. Your library has an extensive selection of Christian writers, themes and inspirational DVDs. A sincere thank you to our generous donors.
Now in our St Anne’s Library
Do you have a basic grounding for a life of faith, or feel like a refresher?
We all have questions about our faith. In the Christian Foundations small group resource offers we find an engaging introduction to the good news of the Gospel, the story of the Bible, church history, the creeds, and core practices of the faith. The material has been designed for both people with no Christian background, and for those wanting to refresh their basic grounding. Nine modules focus on key questions that are explored through four learning segments. These include short narratives and interactive exercises including: self-quizzes, reflection questions, group discussion, story-telling, timelines, maps and matching tasks.
The module focus questions include:
• What is the story of Israel?
• Who is Jesus?
• How did the Church get started?
• What do all Christians believe?
• Why are there so many sorts of Christians?
• How can I grow in my faith?
• What is my part in the kingdom of God?
• Guiding the writing of Christian Foundations were the following goals:
• that the primary focus be the Triune Living God made known in Jesus Christ
• that Scripture shape the content and be pointed to for further reading and study
• that interactive exercises would enable long-term learning in teens and adults
• That transformation, rather than simply information, would be encouraged.
Why not take it out and enjoy an informative read?
Anglican Diversity – Challenges for the 21st Century
Book Review by Bishop Nigel
This is an excellent short book written by Patricia Bays which highlights the strength of the Anglican communion in living with diversity. Where other faith groups have split apart or relied on an authoritarian model to ensure compliance the Anglican church has most frequently maintained divergent points of view in a creative tension. This has not always been easy or without its challenges but it has allowed the Anglican communion to create a unique voice.
The author Patricia Bays is a well known writer and educator who was the editor of The Whole People of God education and worship resource and for seven years was the Canadian lay member of the international Anglican Consultative Council ( this is one of the four instruments of unity within the Anglican communion and the only one with membership from laity, bishops and clergy)
Whilst recognizing the current tensions in the Communion the author presents an optimistic picture for the future. Her book provides a quick summary of the context of the communion circa 2001 and of the churches history which is very useful. This is followed by an overview of the distinctive Anglican theology and then a few chapters focusing on future issues in Worship, ministry, and ethical and social concerns. It also has material focusing on our relationship with people of other faiths and finally a brief examination of the models of authority within Anglicanism.
The material is concise and easy to read. The book is derived from material that was used for a short series of lectures given at the college of Emmanuel St Chad in Saskatoon and the Diocese of Calgary’s “Theology Alive” weekend, both held in 1999. That leads to the observation that one weakness of the short book is that it does not deal with any of the developments in the life of the communion in the last 15 years. However, I would still recommend this work as an excellent introduction to the Anglican communion at this time in it’s history, from a distinctly Canadian perspective.
Living the Questions : Home Edition
Janet S. is kindly sharing her collection of this series which include:
• Living The Questions: A program for Christian exploration and spiritual formation
• Saving Jesus Redux
• The Jesus Fatwah: Love Your (Muslim) Neighbor As Yourself
• First Light: Jesus and The Kingdom Of God
• Painting The Stars: Science, Religion And An Evolving Faith
• Living The Questions 2.0: An Introduction To Progressive Christianity
• Violence Divine: Overcoming the Bible’s Betrayal of Its Non-Violent God with scholar John Dominic Crossan
• Countering Pharaoh’s Production-Consumption Society Today
Adult Fiction
The Gown – A Novel of the Royal Wedding by Canadian historian writer Jennifer Robson Two young, working-class women are employed in the embroidery workshop of British fashion designer Norman Hartnell who has been commissioned to design the wedding gown for the November 1947 wedding of then-Princess Elizabeth and Philip Mountbatten. In the months leading up to the wedding new friends British Ann and French Holocaust survivor Miriam are chosen to embroider the gown and train. Their stories are intertwined with a modern-day journalist Heather from Toronto who travels to London to solve a family mystery.
Another Dawn by Christian author Kathryn Cushman
What would you give for a second chance to make things right? When life gets complicated, Grace Graham runs. But now her sister, Jana asks her to come home to Tennessee from California to help care for their widowed father. With her son, Dylan, Grace returns to Shoal Creek but costly decisions from the past put both Dylan and other children’s lives at risk. Can Grace have the strength to stand strong?
Roses Will Bloom Again by Christian author Lori Copeland is a large print romance selection. Emma’s heart will never be the same after she and Sam have been thrown back into each other’s life after fifteen years. Lully who had broken up Emma and Sam’s intended marriage has now stated her dying wish that they both restore the crumbling Mansi Mansion. Will either of them choose to finish what they started so long ago?
Sea Prayer by author Khaled Hosseini and illustrated by Dan Williams
This esteemed author wrote Sea Prayer in the form of a letter from a father to his sleeping son. This father reflects on the family and their life in Homs, Syria before the war. Now the father is concerned about the dangerous sea-crossing that lies before them. Hosseini hopes to pay tribute to the millions of families and to three year old refugee Alan Kurdi in 2015, who have been splintered and forced from home by war and persecution.
We Are Displaced My Journey And Stories From Refugee Girls Around The World by Malala Yousafzai
This young Nobel Peace Prize winner and author introduces some of the people behind the statistics and current news stories about the millions of people displaced worldwide. This book is part memoir, part communal personal storytelling by girls who have lost their community, relatives, and often the only world they have ever known. Malala tells of her own story of adjusting to her new life while longing for home. All of the contributors have hopes and dreams and that everyone deserves a safe home.

Becoming by Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama has emerged as one of the most iconic and compelling women of the 21st century. As First Lady of the United States of America, she helped create the most welcoming and inclusive White House in history. With honesty and wit, Michelle describes her triumphs and her disappointments both public and private. Becoming is a deeply personal journey by a Christian woman of soul and substance.
Children and Youth
Africville by Canadian author Shauntay Grant and illustrated by Canadian Eva Campbell
A young girl visits Africville, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She imagines what the community was like many years ago with the painted houses, the field where the kids play football and especially Tibby’s Pond. An author’s note on the last page provides more information about Africville a vibrant Black community that thrived for more than 150 years, despite lacking essential services, before the city of Halifax demolished it in the 1960’s in a tragic incidence of injustice and racial discrimination.

The Girl With A Brave Heart A Tale From Tehran by Rita Jahanforuz & Vali Mintzi
Shiraz does not think of herself as being brave, but when she drops her ball of red wool from the balcony into her neighbour’s garden she knows she will need all of her courage if she is to retrieve it. How can she get it back? Will Shiraz listen with her head or her heart?
DVDs – New Titles
At Home In Mitford – based on Jan Karon’s Mitford book series
The Sound Of The Spirit – Christian/Jewish family themes (Dove Approved)
I Am Special Because… God Loves Me (Max Lucado)
The Penniless Princess God’s Little Girl (Veggie Tales)
Zootopia (Disney)
Madagascar (DreamWorks)

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