Henry Hall

Henry Hall
Henry Hall, M.D.

This is the oldest memorial window in the church, probably installed in 1878. Given by a grateful congregation, the window provides a permanent reminder of the importance of Dr. Henry Hall, and the entire Hall family, in the history of the church.

Henry was the fifth (and youngest) child of Cyrenius and Mary Hall, who settled in what later became Byron. From about 1845 to 1857, the hamlet was known as Hall's Mills. The Hall family were the moving spirits in the building of St. Anne's.

After Henry Hall became a doctor, and while still a young man, he contracted tuberculosis. Hoping to benefit by a change of climate, he embarked on an ocean voyage accompanied by his brother, Cyrenius (junior). Henry died in Peru at the age of 27, leaving a substantial bequest to St. Anne's. The money was used for much- needed renovations, and saved the building from ruin.

The Henry Hall window was originally the chancel window, and held a place of prominence at the front of the church. In 1937, when further rebuilding was undertaken, including extension of the chancel, the window was placed on the east wall of the nave. Fortunately skilled workmen were able to repair the damage which occurred at that time. This accounts for several segments of glass which differ from the original.

The inscription on the window reads: "In Memory of Henry Hall MD. Born at Hall's Mills on April 3rd, 1836, died in Peru on January 1, 1863. Leaving a bequest for the completion of the Church at his native place."

At the bottom of the window are the words: "The Memory of the Just is Blessed."

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